UPDATE LIBRARY


  • Visual TakeOff

  • TakeOff 2000

  • Pocket Takeoff

Visual TakeOff:

Visual Takeoff 5 Program updates

**NOTE:  If you are currently licensed for the original VTO.  You will need to contact Comput-Ability, to purchase the upgrade to VTO5.


PDF to TIFF 2.0

Requires a license to run.  License is included with VTO.


Visual TakeOff+ Program Updates and Full Install

Visual TakeOff+ Manual


TakeOff 2000:

TakeOff 2000 Program Updates


GTCO Software

GTCO Software Download Web Page Install TabletWorks Version 10.07 when using GTCO USB Smartmenu II with Visual TakeOff+ Version 2008.2.3


GTCO Old Drivers (For USB connects to TakeOff 2000)



Menu Pads


PDF Docs of Videos below:

Test GTCO Digitizers with Microsoft Hyper Terminal Utility PDF File Name is GTCOHT.pdf

GTCO Rollup Digitizer connection with SmartMenu            PDF File Name is RollupConnection.pdf


Videos: (for best results Right Click on link below and save then run from your desktop)

Test GTCO Digitizers with Microsoft Hyper Terminal Utility Video File Name is GTCOHT.wmv

GTCO Rollup Digitizer connection with SmartMenu          Video File Name is RollupConnection.wmv


Pocket TakeOff:


Pocket TakeOff     Version  3.1.4

Self Extracting Zip File of the USB2Serial CD

Self Extracting Zip File of the TrippLite USB to Serial CD

Old Pocket Takeoff for Serial Scalex


Old Files:

Do not download and use unless instructed to by Comput-Ability Staff.


MIKE 2000+ Menu card file [mto.mnu]

MIKE 2000+ Metric Menucard mto_met.mnu

Save into the Digiwin or Takeoff 2000 folder.


Updated Old MIKE Menu card file. Ditto button works with newer versions of MIKE 2000+.

Imperial Menucard         Metric Menucard

Save file into the Digiwin or TakeOff 2000 folder then select from within the takeoff software.


OLD Free PDF to TIFF converter

Does not support the current PDF formats.


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