Version Number Developer Date Time Notes
20.1.163 MRM 08/10/2022 14:22:06 Added Count Item 3 to Pipe CSV Template Export and Import.
20.1.162 MRM 07/19/2022 15:42:19 Added a Fix Estimate Bid Date utility. Don't allow zoom on Spec Code to Libray unless blank.
20.1.161 MRM 07/18/2022 16:56:52 Changed Foundation Interface File. Corrected onscreen total on Element Recap Screen. Added Utiltity to fix Library Specs with NON Mtl codes but not NON Vendor Code.
20.1.160 MRM 07/08/2022 09:33:01 Changed Foundation Interface File.
20.1.159 MRM 06/17/2022 16:00:42 Increased Size of Spec Descrioption to 50 when Copying in an Estimate.
20.1.158 MRM 06/09/2022 16:06:48 Added Locate on NAME and LOCATION buttons in MIKE10 Estimate Convert. Added Productivity Code Select like Vendor Selection in Material Selection screen. Changed Assigned Equip Duplicate Code errors to warnings. Added Linkage Type and Longer Spec Code to Exception Reporting, this caused a need for a DB conversion on Error File. Corrected Recap CSV for System Size Thick.
20.1.157 MRM 06/02/2022 14:35:13 Corrected Build Equipment Color Picker
20.1.156 KJT 05/31/2022 11:01:53 Added troubleshooting log file to VTO6 launcher.
20.1.155 MRM 05/17/2022 12:19:05 Corrected Shop Labor Modifier and Shop Exceptions.
20.1.154 MRM 05/13/2022 14:44:55 Added Default Pipe and Duct Linkage Types to System Screen. Correct CI3 manual Takeoff issue. Expanded Convert M10 Estimate Select Screen. Changed VTO6 Rotation field to handle negative numbers to fix Export Import issue.
20.1.153 MRM 04/07/2022 18:30:14 Added VTO6 DDF files to backup. Added Build Equipment Count Item Qtys to BOM and Equip Summary reports.
20.1.152 MRM 04/01/2022 13:34:43 Corrected Please Wait display in Copy System. Changed BOM Sort as in MIKE10. Show Thickness from Linkage on Pipe Detail Takeoff screen.
20.1.151 KJT 03/24/2022 13:51:24 Added bedugging options for internet connection failure, when checking for updates.
20.1.150 MRM 03/16/2022 16:28:56 Added Page Footers to detail reports so PDF works correctly. Added copy Assign Equipment Color when using a Typical. Corrected delete Assigned Equipment VTO6 detail when deleting from MIKE20.
20.1.149 MRM 03/15/2022 15:07:27 Added Please Note message to Convert MIKE 10 prompt. Added Close Estimating Module message when calling Tables Module when there was new Database selected. Corrected Copy Build Equip frtom Library to get Spec Vendors Codes.
20.1.148 MRM 03/09/2022 16:19:57 Added Name Code to Delete Estimate List and Range. Added Productivity to Duct Hours and Qty Report.
20.1.147 MRM 03/01/2022 14:38:44 Corrected Count Item 3 in Pipe Spec Library to Zoom and Select.
20.1.146 MRM 02/01/2022 15:06:05 Changed how VTO6 notes data are exported and imported, Blob to File and File to Blob.
20.1.145 MRM 01/26/2022 15:15:09 Corrected Alternates not being deleted in VTO6 when deleted in MIKE20. Copy Assign EQ color to Library from Est. Added Set Color Button to Assign Eq Library.
20.1.144 MRM 01/18/2022 15:13:57 Corrected Count Items were being multiplied twice by Group Multipliers.
20.1.143 MRM 01/14/2022 14:29:26 Changed Foundation SW Interface for Bid Recap record.
20.1.142 MRM 01/11/2022 15:40:17 Changed Create From Old to auto increase number by 1 .1 .01. Changed Foundation SW Interface. Corrected Hrs and Qty report to use Detail Line Number when creating records.
20.1.141 MRM 01/07/2022 14:51:47 Corrected the issue of a Duplicate Index on the Est-Oth-Info file when doing a Recalc.
20.1.140 MRM 01/04/2022 16:43:46 Corrected the jump from Recalc screen to Bid Recap screen after no exceptions found and BOM round Up checked. Corrected CVR3 codes when copy typical from library
20.1.139 MRM 12/29/2021 15:05:28 Removed Foundation Software interface from Bid Recap Reports and movve to Other Reports Tab.
20.1.138 MRM 12/28/2021 15:22:52 Changed the Foundation Software interface. Changed the locking configuration in Recap Other Costs and Spec Screens to stop lock problem with Est Master.
20.1.137 MRM 12/14/2021 14:46:57 Corrected A/SA/SS/Sys/Type Bid Recap Report to PDF. Change Select MIKE 20 DB to auto create LIB TAB LOC pathnames from EST. Added a Scroll Wheel Limiter so one click one line.
20.1.136 MRM 12/09/2021 17:22:17 Corrected Count Item #3 not adding in Hours into Sub Area and SubSub Area Bid Recap Totals.
20.1.135 MRM 12/07/2021 16:27:27 Forced Element Linkage reset if doing BOM by Element. Added 30 Day Demo Access Key Delete. Added Code/Name field in Estimate Delete. Removed Element review button from Systems Tab.
20.1.134 MRM 11/09/2021 16:18:07 Corrected Bid Recap List Reports not printing SubSub descriptions.
20.1.133 MRM 10/29/2021 15:34:54 Changed how to Convert A MIKE10 to 20 VTO5 to VTO6 if Qtys are Metric. Changed Foundation Interface.
20.1.132 MRM 10/21/2021 11:58:17 Allow Project Codes to be setup in Proj Maint. Added a Reconvert of MIKE10 Equip Library. KJT changed Logo Screen to use MS Cromium Browser instead of MS Internet Explorer.
20.1.131 MRM 09/24/2021 13:10:40 Corrected Duct BOM for Bands Stretched Out On-Center SO to print correct amount. Changed Jump to Estimate to correct it from problem caused by update 130.
20.1.130 MRM 09/23/2021 14:45:14 Corrected not copying Backout LF check box from Pipe Spec Lib. Corrected Pathname length in Hours and Qty Other Reports. Changed when creating a new estimate to make sure it doesn't jump back to last estimate before the create.
20.1.129 MRM 09/17/2021 16:35:53 Changed some more calculation programs to not allow events, so users don't abort by mistake. Corrected duct error reporting. Auto goto Recap after Calculation.
20.1.128 MRM 09/16/2021 10:50:53 Changed all Bid Recap, Sum Rpts, BOM reports batch calc programs to not allow events so users don't abort by mistake.
20.1.127 MRM 09/13/2021 14:03:43 Corrected BOM to not apply Group Multipliers a second time.
20.1.126 MRM 09/07/2021 15:35:11 Added a new warning message if Domain User opens Table Module. Corrected Copy Pipe Spec from Library to copy Oversize Endcaps.
20.1.125 MRM 08/26/2021 16:07:12 Added a new warning message if Calculation Process for some reason gets aborted before completion.